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15th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Playing Tag!

It’s wuffly playing ”tag” with my Mummy!

We’ve had a very exciting morning.

Well, she has had a very busy morning

Sitting at the machine which takes her smile away,

So I’ve been trying to make her happy

By asking her to play ”tag” with me!


She did all of the washing this morning

Then hung it all on the line in the sunshine , to dry.

I watched and waited.

Daddy kept going out into the garden

And leaving the door open!


So I nipped out and stole something off the line,

Took it to Mummy to show her

And stayed JUST far enough away from her so she couldn’t get it

Then ran into the garden and rolled it in the dust!

Great fun!


Except, after the 5th thing, Mummy didn’t seem to think so

And got her ”Angry Face ” on and told me off


But I don’t care!

I smiled at her as she picked up all of the bits

and put them back in the washing machine –

And Daddy left the door open again,

So I did it again!


Am thunking it keeps Mummy fit.

She’s thunking she needs a glass of wine.

Oh- got to go! Door open again!


wuff and wags

Dexter x