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24th October 2022

Dexter’s Day: Playing Mummies and Daddies!

I thunk you thunk I’m writing about something I’m not!

And I’m NOT writing about THAT!

(hee hee).

But I thunked I’d write about the differences between them:

Not in a naughty way!

But in a Sunday way.

Coz yesterday was Funny and it made me smile!


Daddy and me and I and Mummy and me

All wanted to go for a walk

While it was cooler.

So Mummy got up extra early

and washed and cleaned and ironed

and stripped the bed and cleaned the bathroom

and prepared Sunday Lunch

and did her emails

And fed the cats, (I helped) and fed me (I ate EVERYTHING),

then Daddy got up.


And complained to me that Mummy wasn’t ready to go for walkies!


He is recovering nicely but was in the Dog House

for quite a long time.

(But he did talk me to Yialos at teatime too!

My Daddy is The Best!).


wuff and wags

Dexter x