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18th August 2023

Dexter’s Day: playing ‘footsie’

I thunk I’m going to have to have serious words with my parents:

They seem to think that the bed is only for them!

It’s just so not!

I make room for them when they get in: I lie sideways across the middle,

so they can lie lengthways on either edge

And, as it’s too hot for a cover, I scrunch it all up under me so they are cool.

But they fight me back and make me move to the bottom of the bed

Where Daddy keeps his foot on one of my legs so I cannot move –

and Mummy does the same to the other! I get SO hot!

so I kick Mummy out of bed.

Or Daddy chases me out of bed.

It’s great fun – and we get to do it every night!


have a wufferly day

Wuff and wags

Dexter x (ps I’ve been VERY busy this week so sorry I’ve not blogged but I’ve been thunking of you all. Thanks for the emails – Especially Ali x)