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11th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Play Chum!

I’m very excited!

I’m getting a new Play Chum.

Of my very own.

To keep in the house with me.


(Oh, only for 2 weeks Mummy says!).

(What’s a Play Chum? Can I eat him?).


Barney T Rubble Angel and thunking to me about this:

Andy, my new Play Chum

Was Barney’s Best Person Play Chum

But Barney has asked me to look after him.

I have been practising running in circles around the post

In the room,

Then barking and ”grumping” as I bounce –

These were Barney’s ”things”.

I’ve also practised stealing things

Like socks and pants

And toast and food –

But Barney didn’t do this:

He was a Very Big Boy –

And very well behaved.


I’ll have to train Andy

To be more naughty.

We’ve got Things To Do

And Places To Go.

”Suppose we’ll need to take the ”others” with us,

Coz Andy may not know the way

And I’ll be too busy wagging my tail

But it will be fun.


I’ve bounced and bounced and bounced

On his and Els” bed.

And hidden their clean towels

And pulled the shower curtain off

So the room is ready…..

Only 5 more sleeps,

Then I can Dive Bomb them!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x