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19th October 2023

Dexter’s Day: Planet Mashed Potato

I thunk my angel sister, Molly Mou, visited Mummy and Me and we and us last night.
It was a very stormy night with lots of rain
But I was cuddled up with Mummy and Daddy so it was okay –
Except that neither Mummy or me could sleep:
I blamed the rain. Mummy blamed the mashed potato she’d eaten !

She started telling me that Molly Mou ate everything but was scared of mashed potato.
Mummy says this is coz she was from a planet where mashed potatoes ruled everything….

I had to thunk about this a lot!
How could any doggy be scared of food? We WUFF to eat!
So I think maybe Mummy was a bit mixed up: Molly Mou was probably scared of red,
coz most of our plates and dishes are red, so the mashed potato looked funny on that colour.

I’m not scared of ANYTHING!
Except my parents leaving me forever or not being able to EAT!

I wuff this planet!

have a lovely day!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x