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26th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Planet Bed!

Me and Mummy and Daddy and we and us and them and I, jumped about all over our new bed last night!
Well, I did mostly but my parents had to jump to move out of my way!
I thunked it was a great game but them, not so much of a great game!

There is SO much space! For me! I thunk my parents thought it would ‘help’ and that we’d all have more space! But it didn’t! Only now, I can stretch out my legs fully, sleep right in the middle and dream of running and running and running, moving my legs quickly!

I still stole all of the quilt. Daddy had to keep getting up to go to the loo and Mummy was freezing.
It was GREAT fun – for me!

They are both at work now so I’m going to climb back into Planet Bed and test it out some more.
I’m SO tired after my busy night…….

Wuff and wags
Dexter x