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7th April 2024

Dexter’s Day: Planet Bed is Mine!

Me and Daddy and we and us, decided it was okay if Mummy came back to share Planet Bed with us.

Her foot is a lot better now and she can climb the stairs, so doesn’t need to be in Sick Bay at home anymore.

But it’s very hard for us to adjust to having her take up some much space on her edge of the bed!

Me and Daddy had a system: He got onto his edge of bed and I had the rest.

Normally lying sideways with my head on Daddy’s back and my body along the rest of the width!

Without Mummy, we could spread out (mainly me); use all the pillows, (me with 3 and Daddy had one) –

And we didn’t have anyone talking in their sleep – though I do ‘run fast’ and ‘eat lots’ when I dream.

It was boys stuff and it was fun!

But we missed Mummy and it’s good to have her back there. I snuggle into her

then turn over and snuggle into Daddy – and we are all happy again!

Though I thunked to myself this morning, when they both get up, I’m going back to bed

And I’m going to test Daddys edge of the bed to make sure he’s not got too much space!

Shhhhhhh. Am sleeping in……

wuff and wags

Dexter x