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13th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Pillow Talk!

My Mummy is a Virgo.
Am not sure what that is
But I think it’s a good thing
Coz I love my Mummy.
She smells nice and she plays good games.

Daddy says it’s not a good thing.
He says it makes Mummy ”difficult”sometimes.
Don’t know what ”difficult” is,
but it must be good coz my Mummy is!

So is my Daddy but he is playing ”pillows”
and it’s driving Mummy mad, she says.

I like it!
Most nights, Daddy gets a different pillow from another bed
and throws his pillow onto the floor.
I like to sleep on this pillow on the floor!
I like to make it smelly!

Mummy gets her Angry Voice!
She says she has just changed the bed!
And now we’ve gone and messed things up!
(She hasn’t: it’s the same bed as ever!).

She says,”the pillow case on that pillow doesn’t match now”!
Daddy laughs – and I do too!
Then, she gets my pillow and Daddys new pillow
And changes the covers again.

Then we mess them up again!
Daddy throws the pillow on the floor for me.
And I lie on it when I’ve played in the garden!
It’s a great game!

Mummy doesn’t like it much.
Maybe Virgos don’t like pillows?
She has two coz I share them with her when I’m scared –
every night –
So she must like them.

Or maybe she just loves me.
So she lets me use the pillows.

She is talking to the noisy machine with the hole in.
It’s in the kitchen.
She is throwing pillow cases in there
and telling it Daddy is in Big Trouble!

He’ll have to take his pillow to the Dog House!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x