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19th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Pillow Talk 2

My Mummy snores.

I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone

So I won’t.

But I didn’t promise not to write it down!

Daddy snores too.

Shawn the sheep doesn’t

And I don’t – when I’m awake

But Mummy says I DO snore very loudly

and I get hiccups when I’m very tired too.

Tree doesn’t snore – and neither does Rude Angel.


Daddy and I were chatting with Shawn the sheep

In bed this morning.

We’d managed to push Mummy out

So we could have ”boy talk”.

I was tired and trying to count sheep

But there was only Shawn

And Daddy wanted to talk to me about my paws.

He was teaching me to count.

I thinked to him that I can only count to four

Coz I’ve got ”four fingers” on each paw

But if I lift two paws up to count to 8,

I fall over….

It’s difficult being a puppy….

There is SO much to understand –

So I went to sleep snuggling Shawn and Tree

And Daddy got up to make tea.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x