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15th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Phew!

I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you yesterday

but I couldn’t talk to anyone

because I couldn’t open my mouth or eyes

because I’d been naughty and had been in the bushes

in the garden

very quickly when Mummy wasn’t looking –

and a HUGE BIG MONSTER with 7 heads and 14 eyes

bit me!




I ran in to my Mummy

who looked like she was going to cry:

My face got very big, very quickly and my eyes closed –

and , as Mummy rang the vet and my Daddy,

I was crying and running around trying to get away from the pain.


Daddy drives fast!

Anni, the lovely vet, was waiting for me

and gave me an injection

and then tried to look in my mouth

but it was too big and solid –

but she told Mummy it wasn’t a snake bite,

So Mummy breathed out loud then cried.


I wanted to tell her I was okay

but I wasn’t for a while –

so we went home and I slept on her knee

Then Daddy’s knee,

Then I had honey and something soft

Then we all went to bed –

But I know Mummy watched over me all night

Until I got into bed beside her and Daddy this morning –

and my face is going small again!

And I can see –

So I’m off to look for the  monster,

and I’ll growl at it –

But maybe not today –

Coz Mummy won’t let me out of her sight.

At least until I’m 100 apparently!


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x