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21st April 2024

Dexter’s Day: Perspective

Mummy was thunking to me this morning, that we have to find ‘perspective’.

Am not sure what ‘perspective’ is – or if I can eat it – but I’ll go and look for it , for Mummy.

I thunk she was thunking about all the holiday villa guests and how busy the villas are-

and how much she wants more time to play out with me and Daddy and us and we,

But it’s good to be busy and the villa guests are happy, which makes Mummy happy,

Which makes me happy!

So there you are! Perspective! I thunk I found it and it’s only 8am!

(Am a very clever Dexter Dog and I thunk I deserve sausages! Daddy will be up soon;

maybe he’ll find ‘perspective ‘ too and realise the packet of sausages was meant to be shared –


Happy Sunday!

Wuff and Wags

Dexter x