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24th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: People-sitting

I’ve been very busy being busy.

I’m protecting my Mummy and Daddy from monsters

AND I’m looking after my new friends

While Mummy and Daddy go to work.


I’ve taken them for walks on the lead.

Showed them my favourite places to sniff;

Shared my toys with them, throwing them VERY HIGH

So they can catch them and throw them back –

Even when they are watching the big screen

and don’t want to play.


I warm up their chairs for them

But sometimes I don’t want to leave and let them sit down

Or I just sit on them and they cannot leave.


My ”cute eyes” have almost got me extra treats like

Chocolate and orange and biscuits

But Mummy is ”watching me even when she isn’t watching me”,

So she’s stopped Els and Andy giving me stuff –

Which doesn’t seem fair.

But she doesn’t let them into the Big Scary Cupboard either,

So that’s okay

We’ve have busy days walking around

Then, snuggly nights on the chair.

With wine.

Them, not me

Though I don’t mind a little sniff of red

When no-one is looking!


They are very well behaved-

But I’m not

I’m a Giant Puppy! …..


Wuff and wags

Dexter x