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20th June 2023

Dexter’s Day: People sitting.

I’ve been sitting on my Aunty Steph and Uncle Paul for a few nights.

It’s been very good fun and I’ve managed to eat one hat, one bathing costume –

and other things which we aren’t telling Mummy about until she gets home.

(Coz I’ll be in BIG Trouble – probably x 3 at least!).

Tonight, I’m going to sleep with Aunty Susie, one of my favourite giants.

I won’t eat her stuff – because she won’t let me!

But I will snuggle her and sleep with her and let her tickle me.

It’s very hard work being a Dexter but I love being in Big Charge!

I thunk my parents will be home soon- which is wufferly

coz I miss them very much and need to tell Mummy some ‘stuff’.

Also need to make a plan to sleep with Steve Day, Steve day, Steve day!

(Don’t ask! I thunk it’s legal but we’ll see!).

Wuff and wags

Dexter x