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26th April 2023

Dexter’s Day: People sitting.

It’s been a very busy day! I thunk I’m very tired!

Mummy and Daddy and they and them , had to go a Very Long Way Away today,

So they arranged for me to People Sit to make sure everything was okay.

(I don’t know why there were worried. I had plenty of stuff to do,

Like break my ruff; lick my wounds; chase the flies; lick my wounds more and then some more!).

So, when we’d had breakfast and cuddles this morning and fed the cats and the birds,

And Mummy had chased me coz I stole some underwear off the line,

They left me ALL ALONE!

for a nanosecond ! Coz Jamie and Lauren came to play with me and give me cuddles.

I was naughty for a while then I left them in peace so I could erm, try to lick my parts!

They were busy for a while ; I had lots of cuddles, then they left.

Peace! (And more ‘licking’).

Oh no! The Giants came!

Aunty Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondodoulou came and I had to people sit them too!

(They are wufferly and make me smile- but they don’t let me lick my parts either!).

Aunty Susie had to go but Uncle Ray stayed and we ‘thunked stuff’ together for a while.

Then he left. Peace! And time to……

Oh Oh! My parents are back! Best I lie quietly on the chair and pretend to be good!


wuff and wags

Dexter x