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22nd November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Peace Talks.

Mummy came home from work
and she fought with the big wooden door
and I got my biscuits!

Then Mummy said, “Dexter, we need to have a SERIOUS TALK!”
She looked very concerned
So I flung myself at her at top speed
And she fell over and tried not to laugh.

Then she tickled me
and I was HAPPY!

“No”, she then said.
”We need to talk” –
Oh what have I done?
(That’s what Daddy always says when Mummy wants to talk!).

Anyway, the talk was all about the cats.
Seems Brucie has been complaining to Mummy.
He says he’s very upset with her
Because she cuddles me
And he cannot get into the house.

This is not totally true.
He can come in…
Then I can CHASE HIM at full speed!

Harry too!
(Harry is quite fast though. Bruce let’s me catch him and plays with me).

Anyway, Mummy explained she was going to sit with the cats
And try to find a solution.
(What’s a solution? Can I eat it?).

So she has been gone FOREVER!
She is in the office under the stairs.
I’m very sad.
She is MY Mummy!

The Peace Talks didn’t go well.
Mummy has come back without Brucie.
I’m SO happy.
But Mummy is sad.
So I’m sad
except it’s biscuit time again!

Mummy says the Peace Talks will continue
and I have to be a Good Boy.

I will be. Until I catch Brucie – or get some biscuits.

Wuff and wags
Dexter x