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13th June 2024

Dexter’s Day: Paws….

Daddy and Mummy and they and them are always SO busy!

They run around from here to there, in and out of the house and the office, up and down the hill

Then come home to see me a few times then come home to feed me and themselves

Then we all collapse on the sofa and fall asleep , even before the Moon comes out sometimes!

It seems crazy to me! If they just stayed home with me , I’d look after them and we could sleep all day,

so in the evenings, we could snuggle and walk and play and sleep some more

AND they’d have more time to tickle my tummy! (I wuff having my tummy tickled!)

I was thunking about this to Mummy today and she thunked back, ‘But Dexter , we have to work-

to feed you and to feed us and to pay bills” – (Who are these ‘bills’ am thunking?) – ” so we are busy’.

I offered to go and help the cats catch lizards and we could BBQ them but I do understand…

But my thunking has worked coz Mummy and me and we and us are home alone today!

And I’m going to let Mummy tickle me all day long- except when I’m eating or sleeping –

So maybe only for an hour or so.

At least we’ll not be ‘rushing around’ and can have some good time together today

until it gets cooler and I’ll let my parents take me out.

Right now, I need to EEEEEEAAAAATTTT

Wuff and wags

Dexter x