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19th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Paws over my ears!

When I woke Daddy up this morning after Mummy and I had been up for hours,
Daddy asked if Mummy was okay – and she said she wanted ‘sox’!
Daddy’s eyes lit up and he told me to leave the room – though I don’t know why!
I didn’t go anywhere coz I had to make sure they were both okay
And Mummy obviously had cold feet if she wanted sox –
But Daddy was asking her if it was his birthday?
She didn’t understand and neither did I!
Mummy then asked Daddy what he wanted for Christmas – and am sure he said he wants sox too!

I don’t know why.
They’ve both got loads of sox: I’ve chewed most of them and know all the colours they have
And where I’ve buried a few of them too.

Anyway, Mummy found her sox and kept hold of them so I couldn’t steal them
And Daddy sighed and pulled the covers over his head and was muttering to himself.

Don’t know why he didn’t look at Mummy’s sox: some of them are very pretty!

I might dig up some of Daddy’s old sox and give them to him for Christmas
Though Mummy says that isn’t the type of sox he’s looking for – even though he bought them!

You humans are VERY strange!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x