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17th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Paws for Puddles!

It’s a lovely, warm , sunny day,

So I’ve taken my parents

And new best friend, Andy,

For a walk along the coast.


I like this walk

Because Daddy knows the way

So I can let him off his lead

And RUN.



So Daddy shouts and I get a treat for coming back!

So I keep running – and get more treats.


I like the sunshine

But it stole nearly all of my puddles –

And I like puddles VERY MUCH!

So I found the last puddle in the world

(well probably not -but the only one on the walk).

And I JUMPED into it.

And got Muddy!

And made my parents shout

But Andy laughed

So I jumped again

and came back for a treat

Then went BACK AGAIN!


The car is  now very muddy

Which is good coz I can roll in it

So am in the Dog House at home

But I can hear  Daddy with the hosepipe

So am going to hide.



Wuff and wags

Dexter x