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24th March 2024

Dexter’s Day: Paw money and great pals!

I’m a very lucky Labrador!
I’ve got wufferly family, wufferly pen pals and a very good life!
It was looking a little bit dodgy this weekend, coz Daddy is away teaching about pools
And Mummy is still on crutches so she cannot play outside with me
So I was thunking to myself, “who is going to take me for a walk?”

Then Mummy told me to clean my teeth, get brushed and she gave me some paws money –
and Malcolm appeared!
I wuff Malcolm: he takes me out in the car, then to the beach, then to the forest,
then to the Pub!
But don’t tell Mummy about the pub!

Today, me and Malcolm and we and us and Sheila, are going to the market then the beach – then, erm
the Pub again!

It’s okay, I’ve got some Paws money left so I can buy the beers.

Happy Sunday!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x