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6th April 2024

Dexter’s Day: Parsnips and Pot Plants

Me and Daddy and Mummy and we and us and they and I, have been having early nights.

I thunk my parents are very tired coz they both look terrible – and are giving me treats all the time to behave!

So I don’t behave at all coz I know I’ll get a treat – and they know that I know that they know what’s going on –

It’s exhausting!

To be helpful and a good doggy, when Daddy was gardening the other day, I followed him round to learn stuff.

After he went in for a Lovely Cup of Tea, I took my lesson seriously and did what Daddy did!

In reverse!

I pulled all of the new stuff out of the pots, then shook the pots to get the air in the soil, then ran through the soil

Into the house!

I didn’t get any treats. I was in the Big Dog House for a while.

The next morning, when Mummy woke up for the second time, after she’d got up a before silly o’clock to feed me,

Daddy was asking her why she’d been talking and shouting in her sleep.

She said it was the Parsnip. It had been chasing her. She’d put it into a pot to help Daddy and it grew SO big,

It jumped out and began to run around, hitting the trees and bashing the flowers – then chasing her.


I’m not sure what a Parsnip is but it frightened Mummy so I’m going to dig the rest of the plants up

to make sure it isn’t hiding anywhere!

Mummy says I could eat the Parsnip – but I don’t think I will coz it sounds bad tempered and may upset my tummy.

(and I’d have to catch it first and it runs very fast, according to Mummy!).


Happy Weekend

Wuff and wags

Dexter x