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3rd September 2022

Dexter’s day: Panther?

I’ve just been to help Mummy feed the cats.

Mummy said I walk like a Panther!

(Wot’s a panther? Can I eat it?)


OH NOOOOO! I’ve just seen a photo of a Panther!

It can EAT ME!

So I’m going to give it all of my toys, including crocodile and Rude Angel,

Shoe , Teddy, Worm, Ball, other Ball,  Daddy’s chewed knickers and….

Wait a minute!

I LOVE my toys!

This Panther isn’t getting anything of mine!

So I’m going to hide in the Big Scary Wooden Cupboard

until Mummy tells me it’s safe to come out

and that there are NO panthers!

Wuff and wags,

From a shaky but not stirred,

Dexter x

ps am practising walking like a duck now…..Mummy thinks I’m quackers!

(I’m so funny! I might eat myself!)