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2nd May 2024

Dexter’s Day: Outside furniture comfort check!

I wuff the work my Mummy and Alison do!

When Mummy takes me to the office with her then takes me around the holiday villas,

I ‘sniff check’ everything and let Mummy know all smells FAR TOO GOOD for me-

So I don’t do anything naughty and just stay with Mummy and enjoy the villas.

Today, I’ve been checking the comfort of outside settees for our guests –

But only for the guests coming to my house as I’m only allowed to lie on our stuff!

(Well, I thunk I’m not allowed to lie on it at all, coz it was Very Clean , Mummy said-

But it’s my job to check things over and make sure everything is okay  – and it is!).

Me and Mummy and we and us are now working from home, checking dates and stuff –

Well, Mummy is.

I’m now on the cold, tiled floor snoozing coz it’s a busy job being a Dexter-in-big-charge-of-villas:

But it makes Mummy happy if the holiday guests are happy – and it makes me happy, if Mummy is happy!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x