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26th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Out on the town!

My parents left me FOREVER!
well, for one night only and they asked me to look after my friend , Malcolm,
So he came to stay in my house and I fed him and we played good.

Malcolm is really good fun! When I take him for a walk, I can let him off the lead
And we run and play and sniff and run somemore: well mostly I do but I come back to check he’s okay.
On Friday night, Malcolm needed a beer and I quite like beer, so we dressed up, pretended I was 18,
(I thunk am only 16 in doggy years but I look mature)
And we went to Sugar Bar in Peyia! For a night out ! And I met more humans and said hello to them!

I didn’t have a hangover so on Saturday morning, me and Malcolm and us and we,
Ran along the sea front on a ‘pub crawl’: from To Oniro to Porto Antico and back to Yialos!
It was really good fun but we didn’t drink beer coz it was too early.

I wuff Malcolm. He plays good and treats me like ‘one of the boys’
so he can be my Best Malcolm friend and stay in my house anytime!

My parents came home. I was very happy to see them – but don’t tell them!
Am still getting extra treats coz they feel guilty!

Happy Sunday
Wuff and wags
Dexter x