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1st October 2023

Dexter’s Day: Only Dogs?

Mummy was telling me about a new TV channel for dogs, designed to make them happy while home alone.
She also told me it wasn’t like a ‘naughty’ channel for humans, where they show their bodies to each other!

I don’t understand humans: They can see each others bodies all of the time!
Why would they want to look at each other again on a TV?
Ah, Mummy is explaining, that it’s rude and all about making money.

Hmmmmm. I’m thunking, if there is a TV channel for dogs
And if I showed my ‘rude bits’ on it for money,
I could buy more things to EAT!

BUT the humans stole my Crown Jewels – so there isn’t much to show!
Only a waggly tail –

Ahhhhh: Mummy says that’s one of the body parts that some humans like to see on other humans on TV –
Maybe there IS a way to make money on doggy TV!

Wuff and wags