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9th June 2022

Dexter’s Day: On holiday!

I’m on holiday!

(What’s a holiday? Can I eat it?).

Mummy, Daddy and me have been home


Well, not exactly all day.

Daddy went to work then did  ”man stuff” meetings.

Mummy stayed home with me,

So I chased her and stole her glasses (again),

And jumped on her back while she was resting in the sun –

But I wouldn’t go into the big  water bucket thing with her!

I love swimming but only in the sea.

I’m now helping her cook :

I’ve stolen a very big mushroom and the tea towel

And have buried them safely in the garden.

Next to the new plant which Daddy put in yesterday.

So I thunk I’m in BIG TROUBLE again

Even though I’m on holiday!


Am going to do my ”Cute Eyes” now


So Daddy doesn’t shout at me!

wuff and wags

Dexter x