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29th November 2022

Dexter’s Day: now waiting for the movie!

What a busy day!

Mummy and Daddy people went to work –

So , so did I!

First, I worked on opening their bedroom door,

Then I pulled the blankets off our bed,

Then I found Mummy’s pretty picture magazine-

and I pulled that apart then ate some of it.


Then I found a book!

I thunk I don’t like this book,

Coz Mummy holds it up instead of stroking me,

So I ”killed” it: throwing the pages EVERYWHERE!


The floor looked so lovely!

With pictures and pages and mess and blankets….

But I woz tired.

So I thunked to myself that I’d sit down

And watch the TV.


But I’d eaten the turnover thing.

So I had to snooze instead…..

Until Daddy comes home and fixes it!


wuff and wags

Dexter x