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12th September 2023

Dexter’s Day: No fun at all!

So my parents are home – and I’m happy to see them
But not happy that my new best friend, Malcolm , has gone.
He played REALLY GOOD!
We went swimming every day; for long walks; for short walks-
and I even went to his house to be nosey for a while!

It was great fun!
I pinched things off him; made him chase me; played with my toys for a while
and had a very lovely time.

I missed my parents but I’m still not speaking to them today.
Mummy is upset and that makes me sad but I need to teach her a lesson:
Do NOT leave me again – unless with one of the people I wuff very much,
including Malcolm who I want to see again very soon.

But please dont go away for a very long time coz it’s not nice.

Thank you for being there during the storm last night though!
It was lovely to snuggle into you and Daddy when I was soaking wet……..

Wuff and wags
Dexter x