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10th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Night-time Games

Mummy says, ”no, not that sort of game”!
I’m talking about the games I played with my Mummy
ALL night –
well , from about 4 o-very-silly-clock today!

It was great fun!

Mummy was awake and Daddy was asleep.
Really, they were both asleep.
But I am big enough now to JUMP onto their bed.
Then I roll around on the covers
Till Mummy moves out of the way,
So there is space for me in the middle.

Then I stretch my legs and push Daddy over to the edge.
He makes a noise like a lion.
It makes me laugh very much
So I jump up and down and giggle.
And he makes MORE noises!

Then I dive bomb Mummy and give her my teddy.
So she throws it for me and I bring it back.
So she throws it again
Then she hides under the covers.

But I FIND her and with all of my legs
I pull the covers off her.
Daddy makes noises again
But they sound like VERY ANGRY NOISES

So Mummy and I get up.
Mummy talks to the Big Wooden Door.
I get biscuits..
And Mummy gets ”peace and quiet”.

(I think ”peace and quiet” lives in a teapot).

We are ALL happy!
Except Daddy who is still grumbling –
I’ve just been back upstairs to check/jump on him…

Mummy is VERY happy!
She is telling ”peace and quiet” how tired she is
But I can tell she is happy
Coz she shows me her teeth.

I’m a puppy!
I love very silly early oçlock!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x