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15th June 2024

Dexter’s Day: new toys!

I’m a very lucky labrador who is almost 3 years old and very spoilt!

Mummy has bought me some new toys! She came home with a bag full yesterday!

And not just any old toys: these ones are M&S toys! Very posh!

Oh? What? They AREN’T for me?

Seems not. Apparently they are replacements for stuff I’ve eaten which belonged to Mummy.

Like her underwear.

All of it.

But not when she was wearing it……

I thunk this is just a phase and Mummy will let me play with and chew these new things

When she isn’t looking – or when I pull them off the washing line or take them from the drawer.

She may thunk I’m going to be good coz I gave her ‘cute eyes’ and pretended I was listening to her

but I was thunking to myself, “oh, they look tasty! Lots of colours and bits to chew on”….

I wuff my Mummy but I wuff to play with toys too – so lets see what happens!

wuff and wags

Dexter x