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21st January 2022

Dexter’s Day: New Toy!

I have been VERY BUSY!

I have a lovely New Toy!

Well, it’s not really a toy-

It’s a Charli person

And she’s all MINE!

Well, not exactly all mine:

She is a friend of Mummy and Daddy

And Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve

But I have her here , in MY HOUSE!

And I am teaching her how to PLAY!


Yesterday, I showed her how to race around the room

At a hundred miles per hour,

jumping from settee to settee!

(She’s not very good at that game!).

Then I showed her how to JUMP onto Aunty Jane’s knee!

(She wasn’t good at that either!).


This morning, we played bouncing on her bed

And chasing the teddy bear

And stealing the toilet roll –

And she was quite good at these games!

Then we played, ”Share your toast with Dexter!”

She was VERY GOOD at this game –

So we are going to play this again tomorrow!

(I know that giving ”cute eyes” and ”holding up my paw” works!

Girls are a pushover for me!).


I like my new ”toy”!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x