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1st July 2022

Dexter’s Day: New Friend!

It’s very exciting!

I’ve made a new friend.

He’s a Hedgehog and he likes playing ball –

Well, he doesn’t really like playing ball:

I got into BIG TROUBLE with Mummy

Because I was playing ”rolling the ball” with ”Hog”

but his coat was prickling my paws so I only did it once

Then Mummy caught me and made me come inside.


Then SHE went out to play with him!

I thunked this wasn’t very fair because I found him first!

But she told me he was only a baby – and he was scared of me-

Which made me sad coz I only wanted to play

Or eat him – but I couldn’t get him into my mouth

Which is a VERY GOOD THING, according to Mummy

Coz he would have got hurt AND would have hurt my tongue.


I liked Hog.

I’ve been looking for him all morning in the garden,

well up until Daddy cooked sausages and needed my help to eat them!

I thunked that sausages taste better than Hog would have tasted.

I thunked about saving a sausage for him

But didn’t.

So I could have TWO!


New friends are good but sausages are better!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x