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16th April 2022

Dexter’s day: my view on life.

I’ve been thunking a lot recently

About many different things –

But mainly about food!

Food is my ”happy thunk!”


I thunk as I’m getting older,

(am 9 months old now!),

Am growing up and need to learn new things.

Like, how to catch the kitty cats

when Mummy isn’t looking.

And how to see what’s going on , on the hill

Especially if anyone is coming to my house.


Yesterday, I thunked of a way to watch out for the cats

AND watch over the hill –

But it gave Mummy a shock!

All I did , was climb high on the settee

Then up onto the balustrades

Then lent over to see if I could catch a cat.


It was fun

But I thunked to myself,

I’d better not do it again

When Mummy is watching!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x