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19th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: My routine?

Am thunking I’m a little angry with my parents today!

They’ve decided they aren’t working today

But they didn’t thunk about what this meant to me!


I mean, I get Mummy up at Silly O”clock

then keep her awake until she leaves for work HOURS later.

And I help feed the cats/make Daddys lovely cups of tea/

Make and eat the toast –



But no, today, they are STILL here! Awake and wanting to play!

I”m only a PUPPY!!

Okay, I VERY BIG puppy

But I need my sleep and they are keeping me awake

And it’s morning and I’m tired……..


Oh, Daddy is going out!

Oh, No! I don’t know where he is going

And he’ll go FOREVER!

Oh NOOOOO! Mummy is going now too!

I thunk am going to DIE with loneliness…..

My parents have left me forever and ever and …..

Oh, Mummy is back and I was JUST going to sleep on the settee.


I thunk my routine is COMPLETELY a mess.

Will dig up the garden for a while

Then sleep when Mummy goes out –

But I hope she doesn’t go for long.

(I thunk I’ll sleep in the bed though when she does go)!


wuff and wags

Dexter x