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16th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: My penpal, playpal!

I have a very good friend called Finn! He is also a naughty, handsome black Labrador,
though Mummy says I’m most handsome and Finn’s Mummy says, he is!
I think we are both lovely – and equally naughty!

Finn sends me photos and I let him read the blogs. He’s sent a photo of him playing in the snow
and it got me thunking that he needs to come here, with his people and stay in my house –
and we’ll go to the mountains together!
We’ll let the parents drive and we can play!

I wuff snow!
I only found it last year and it’s cold and wet and white and fun and squidgy.
Am going to make sure my parents take me to the snow soon
But I really want Finn to come.

Maybe I can video chat with him and we can have a snow fight? I’ll ask Mummy and he can ask his!

It’s wufferly having a penpal – especially one as special as Finn!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x