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29th July 2023

Dexter’s Day. My Monkey’s Leg

There are things which are important – and things which are VERY important!

My Monkey’s leg, is very important – at least to me.

I tried to put Mummy on the lead this morning before the sun woke up,

But she told me off coz I had my monkey’s leg in my mouth

and I didn’t want to put it down.

So Mummy had to put my collar on so I could hold her on the lead

but she had to stretch it over the leg so it would fit onto my neck!

I thunked this was very funny.

Mummy didn’t.

We walked to the car then I decided I didn’t want to take monkey’s leg with us.

so I dropped it in the cats water bowl.

When we got home, I got it out and rubbed it , still wet, on my chair.

Mummy didn’t look too happy but I thunked it was very funny!

The only thing better than a monkey’s leg is a WET monkey’s leg!

Happy Days!

Dexter x