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8th July 2023

Dexter’s Day: my lovely Doc!

I thunk I was in Very Big Trouble last night!

Not naughty trouble but trouble being me!

I’d eaten an ant. It was Very Big and it tasted nice

But it started to ‘beat me up’ when I swallowed it

And it hurt my tummy and made me start to go crazy –

And that made my Mummy cry and Daddy worry very much!

I couldn’t stand still and my tail wouldn’t wag and I was very ill!

So my parents rushed me to see Nikolas, in the scary dark night –

And he is wonderful and made me feel better.

But I had to stay overnight for bed and breakfast –

and I missed my Mummy and Daddy.

(I thunk they missed me too coz Mummy was crying when she came to get me).

Am very tired today and not eating ants.

In fact, not eating anything but I’ll be okay coz I’m Dexter!

Wuff and Wags

Dexter x