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15th May 2022

Dexter’s Day: My Lie-in

Daddy and Mummy asked me if they could have a ”lie in” today.

(Whats a lie in? Can I eat it?).

Anyway, they explained to me that they were tired –

And I thunked to myself, ”Am not surprised the way you run around

And leave me all alone at home by myself for an HOUR!”…

But I gave the ”cute eyes” so show that I loved them

And that I understood.


So today happened.

I dive bombed them at 5.49 am

To remind them that they were going to have a lie-in

So that they shouldn’t hurry about.

But they didn’t seem too happy about this reminder!

Mummy got up and made the first cup-of-many-to-keep-her-awake-teas

And Daddy got grumpy and lost in the screen of his phone.


I snuggled in. We had more cups-of-tea

and more grumbling about the time.

So they got up.

And I went into their bed.

And had MY lie in!



I like a lie in and understand why my parents need one and like to have one.

I’ll remind them again tomorrow!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x