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12th May 2024

Dexter’s Day: My friend, Finn…

Oh dear. I thunk it must be a ‘Labrador’ thing coz my friend Finn, is in Big Trouble too!

He made holes in his Dad person’s favourite blanket – which was a caring thing coz he can now put his arms through it- but his Dad didn’t quite see it that way…..

I’m a Good Boy today.

Only coz Mummy is making Sunday lunch and I wuff Yorkshire Puddings

So am sitting nicely and giving her ‘cute eyes’ so she feels good about me and feeds me even more things than she normally does.

Daddy says I’m getting fat. Mummy says I’m getting more gorgeous.

Finn’s Mummy thinks Finn is very naughty but I thunk he’s just having fun –

and probably needs to come here for a holiday with me.

But only after I’ve eaten ALL of the Yorkshire Puddings!

Happy Sunday!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x