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28th June 2023

Dexter’s Day: My feathered friend.

Mummy says I’ve done my ‘good deed’ for the day:

I’ve just helped Mummy and Daddy , rescue a tiny bird who was so hot, he couldn’t fly.

I thunk he’d fallen off the bush so I gently nudged him to stand him up

and waited next to him till Mummy and Daddy came…..


We picked him up, put him in a small bath of cool water and stroked him,

(Well, I didn’t stroke him: I just gave him my best smile and waited).

I didn’t even try to eat him when he started to fly and landed on the floor.

I just waited again and Daddy picked him up.

He’s safe now. He was outside on the bushes waiting to be strong,

Then he waved his wings for me and flew away.


I thunk I wuff being kind. And I wuff little birds.

But I wouldn’t eat one!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x