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28th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: My Family Tree

Mummy has been home all day with me.
I like this!
We play and bite, (me) and dig , (me) and shout, (Mummy),
It’s great fun!

When we were tired, we sat on The Thinking Step
and we talked.

Well, Mummy talked and I just licked her face coz she’s my Mummy!
I wagged my tail and she kept talking
and talking…….

I have a Family Tree!
I wonder where it is so I can pee on it!

It has my brothers and sisters in it!
(Did they dig holes and climb in?
Or are they hiding like Brucie cat and going to jump out on me?).

It’s very confusing!
I ran around the garden but couldn’t find it.
So I went back to sit with Mummy
And she had water running from her eyes…

So I licked her face again and wagged my tail VERY HARD
To tell her it was okay:
That I’d find my Family Tree another day
And we could just play for now.

But she still let water fall and told me names of dogs and cats
and more dogs and more cats
And stories about them when THEY lived with Mummy and Daddy
They dug gardens too!
And they lived in The Dog House sometimes!

Mummy was smiling and watering at the same time.
(You humans are VERY strange!).
But I love my Mummy so I listened
well, sort of: there was a Big Fly I needed to catch
So I kept jumping off the step to catch it.

Brucie, Harry and Scrappy cat came into the garden too
And Mummy said they belong to my Family Tree too –
(Bet they can run up it VERY FAST).

They didn’t listen to the stories.
I ran to tell them but they just turned and walked off.
They aren’t very friendly to me
But Brucie does wave his paw if I get close!

I’m tired.
I’m just a puppy but it’s nice having a tree made out of family.
Wherever it is!

wuff and wags
Dexter x