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25th June 2024

Dexter’s Day: My Cunning Plan!

So Mummy has been home with me for 51 hours, 3m cuddles, lots of food and some treats now –

and I WUFF it!

I’ve thunked that I’m not going to let her go away ever again so I have a plan!

Blue Monkey and me sit on her knee when she is watching the TV, so she cannot move.

When she is having a cuppa in the garden, I sit on her feet and get in her way, so she cannot move.

I can dive bomb the bed and hold her down – so I do  – since 3.05 this morning

and now, she is eating toast, so I’m sat on her feet so, well, I get some toast.

Mummy says she knows what I’m doing and I shouldn’t be worried but I am-

Although I’m missing Lulu , my swimming buddy and Malcolm , my friend,

so maybe I can ‘thunk’ Mummy into pretending to go away and Malcolm coming here anyway?

Gotta go: more toast being made! Best I let Mummy move around so she can feed me.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x