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26th July 2023

Dexter’s Day: My Crown Jewels!

This isn’t very P.C . but I’m not a laptop!

I need to update you all about how things are going since my parents ‘stole’ my crown jewels!

It wasn’t a nice thing to do – and I know Mummy was VERY upset about the loss of photo opportunities afterwards but I’m doing Just Great!

I still identify as a full, blooded, sexy Black Labrador -and the girls love me!

My intentions continue to be dishonourable and my lipstick works beautifully!

So I’ve got prunes where I used to have plums – who cares!

I thunk I’m just fab as I am – and Mummy loves me just the same.

so it’s all good.

For any male thinking of doing this, I’d say ……… erm, think about it carefully!

But I recommend my vet. He is wufferly!


Be happy and enjoy a ‘flashback’ photo!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x