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5th September 2023

Dexter’s Day; My broken heart…

Mummy has always told me not to wear my heart on my paw
Or I’d get very hurt!
But I didn’t listen to her! (Daddy told me to do this).
And I gave my heart and paws and waggly tail and fun and early morning calls,
To my great nephew person, Max, aged 10.
It was wufferly for a while. We played and chatted and ran and played a bit more
And shared food and toys and a bed – and I slept next to him when he was on the settee
Now he’s LEFT ME!
He’s gone home in one of those scary big iron birds in the sky
And I’m ALONE….
Well, my parents are here – and Brucie and Scraggy cat – and the birds
But there is no MAX!
How can they do this to me!
And Lily has gone too…..

I’m heartbroken – oh look! Daddy has brought me a special chew…… I feel better!
So many people, so little time. I’m Dexter and I’m ‘out there’ to meet you all !
Wuff and wags
Dexter x
ps I really wuff Max and Lily though!