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11th June 2022

Dexter’s Day: Musical Me!

Daddy says I’m a drummer boy

Coz my tail never stops wagging

and thudding onto everything around it,

From legs to chairs to walls to bed.

It’s like a Marching Band!


I’ve also got a ‘flute” –

But Mummy asked me not to talk about this –

Coz it’s rude!

Don’t know why.

It’s very quiet and I  only ”play it ” for myself!


I’ve got a ”fine pair of cymbals” too!

Daddy has threatened to ”knock them together”,

on more than one occasion LOL.

(And I thunked I heard my parents

talking about having my cymbals, ”removed” –

which seems very strange to me

But people are VERY strange!).


Anyway, today I’m happy and am going to make my own music,

My Way! (see what I did there?),

and just have fun!

“Dance to the beat of your drum”,

My Grandad Angel tells me –

So I will.



wuff and wags


(and another photo of my ”personal orchestra” to make you giggle!).