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31st May 2022

Dexter’s Day: Movie Star!

Soon, your people will have to talk to my people

If you want to talk to me at all!


Well, I’m going to be a Movie Star!

I’m so excited!

SO excited that I nearly piddled all over the bag with the wires in

Belonging to the man who was filming the other man

On my path to the cliff tops and my swim!


They were SO happy to meet me!

The man who was talking to the camera,

Ran up to me to say ”hello”

But he was German and it sounded more like , ”Get off”

But I don’t speak German. Am only a big Puppy!

The other man shouted to0

So I ran to say hello to him

and jumped up to shake his paw

But he dropped his camera

And had to be quick and just caught it in time!


They were so happy!


And then they weren’t happy again

When I walked into them on the way back from my walk



I think I was still caught on camera

and will appear in their movie

(Though Mummy thinks they’ll only show it

To the Dog Police!)


Off for a lie down.

It’s what we movie stars do at 2pm!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x