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2nd December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Morning!

We’ve had SUCH good fun this morning!

I dive bombed Mummy at 5.10 am.

She just managed to check the clock

Then grumbled A LOT –

So I snuffled her face and hair and neck-

Then she giggled – but sounded Angry.

So I snuffled harder –

And did my cute jumps up and down

On top of her and Daddy.


Daddy wasn’t pleased at all!

He started to play, ”Push me, pull me”,

So I fell off the bed and had to jump straight back off.

Then on again!

It was fun.


Not , apparently!

Mummy got up and we had breakfast.

Well, I did when Mummy talked to the Big Wooden Door

And Mummy had her first of twenty, cups of that tea stuff.


Daddy slept on.

So Mummy and I waited until 5.50am

And went back to the bedroom

And BOTH jumped on him!



So Mummy and I laid down

And we played, ”This little piggy”

On my paws.

But I didn’t have a piggy to go

”tickle, tickle, tickle”,

but Mummy tickled my tummy anyway.


And we played this game on the other paw.

Daddys hand was hanging out of the covers –

I looked at Mummy but she said, ”No, Daddy won’t want to play” –

So I dive bombed him to check….


It’s 7.25 am.

Mummy and I are in The Dog House.

Mummy has tea and I have teddy.

Daddy has the bed to himself.

Serves him right if he’s lonely!


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x