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28th September 2022

Dexter’s Day: Morning Games

It’s been a Great Fun Morning!

I thunk the Best Ever!


Mummy and me and I and Mummy,

Got up BEFORE silly oçlock today

And we played!


Well, I thunk Mummy was a bit busy

and a bit frustrated with me

and a lot trying not to laugh



Mummy was cleaning –

So I stoled the cloth – and the spray

And I tooked them to the garden!

Then she went into the bath

So I stoled the towel and the smelly things

And put them in my bed.


Then she tried to dry her hair

with the scary blowy thing,

So I stoled her brush and bit in it half,

Then took it into the garden!


It was fun!

Mummy laughed so much

There was water coming from her eyes!


She made a Lovely Cup of Tea

So I emptied the bag she’d put her things in

But she got VERY ANGRY FACE on

when I took her little red book away.

(It’s called a Passport – and I cannot eat it

But I bit it a LOT!).


I wuff my mornings with my Mummy!


wuff and wags

Dexter x