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26th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: Moonlighting

I was going to write earlier but my paws were tied
In the cord of the blind hanging in the kitchen.

It’s okay though.
I got them out before Mummy got home
Then sat on the blind so she didn’t notice it wasn’t there.

Except she did.
And she had her Angry Voice again!

So after my tea, I went to the Dog House.
I stayed there until the humans needed to go to the toilet
So we all got ready and went out for a walk so they could go.

But it was dark!
I wasn’t scared!
We walked in the light and strange black humans followed us!

I kept my parents tied close to me so they were okay
Then I JUMPED on the black things on the ground
and squashed them.

Then more came!
So I got them too!

Then I was tired so we came home.

Don’t think my humans had a pee while we were out in the moonlight.
Mummy definitely didn’t but she showed me where Daddy sometimes does.

I didn’t.
I save mine for home.
It’s safer that way.
Then I know I’m back and it’s all okay.

Am very tired now.
But I have to sleep on the blind, Mummy says.
“You’ve made your bed, you’ll sleep in it!”, she shouted.

But I didn’t make my bed.
I pulled it into the sunshine and it’s still out there!

You humans are Very Strange!
Night Night.
Wuff and wags
Dexter x