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14th September 2023

Dexter’s Day: Middle of the Nightitis!

Me and Mummy and we and I, went to bed early last night.
Mummy was very tired – and I just wanted to mess up the clean bed Mummy had made!
It’s one of my favourite things,to pull all of the clean covers off and roll around in them!

We woke up in the early hours. I was asleep and Mummy was trying to cuddle me
I didn’t mind her cuddles but I was having good dreams about great things to eat!
Anyway, I thunked to myself that if I was cute, she may get up and feed me something –
and she did!

So I was extra cute and leant against her to tell her I forgave her for leaving me forever –
And she gave me an extra chew!

She wanted to go back to bed after we had a Lovely Cup of Tea – but I said NO! Let’s play!
So we did!
We ran and ran around the room (me!), knocked things over, (me), had more tea (Mummy)
Then sat down on the settee for a while (Me sat on Mummy).

I think I love the Middle of the Night and want to get this ”itis’ more and more –
Though looking at Mummy this morning at silly o’clock, maybe it’s not good for her!
Me thunks she needs to go back to sleep but she cannot! She has work – so I’ll sleep for her!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x