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25th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Merry Christmas!

I am VERY excited!

I’m 6 months old today

So am a BIG puppy!

And I’ve got tons of pressies!

Including a sheep

And a Santa

and so much stuff I’m going to have to eat and eat and eat!


I’ve invited friends over for dinner.

I’m letting Mummy and Daddy cook

So I can sit on the guests

And steal their wine and beer

And eat nibbles –

And nibble EVERYTHING!


I love Christmas

But I cannot eat it all.

Only the bits I can reach.

I didn’t eat the Christmas cracker

Even though it was crunchy

But I did try to eat the new Christmas tree ornament!

Mummy caught me and I was ALMOST in Big Trouble

But she let me off because it’s Christmas.


(It should be Christmas EVERY day

Then I wouldn’t ever be in Big Trouble!

Except, I probably would – and I’ve got plans for later,

Coz I’m a puppy! And I can play!


Merry Christmas and thank you for talking with me.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x

ps this is my friend Jack. I like to sit on him

Am taking him for a walk this morning too!